1. I am accessing my deep, centered self.

2. Day by day. Take it day by day.

3. There is no one perfect solution, so whatever we choose is right for us.

4. We are all doing the best we can.

5. We will get through this together.

6. This won’t last forever.

7. If something isn’t working, I can adjust.

8. I’m so much more resilient than I knew.

9. Today, I release any negative thoughts.

10. I embrace joy and gratitude wherever I find it.

11. Today, I make time for self-care and encourage others to do the same.

12. I release useless rumination and focus on what is within my control.

13. I flow with the ever-changing waves of life. Some are big; some are small—ever moving.

14. When frustrated, I can step back for a moment and just breathe.

15. Like a willow tree, I am strong yet flexible.

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